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Calcium Silicate Coated Fiberglass Fabric

Calcium Silicate Coated Fiberglass Fabric


Unitex Calcium Silicate Coated Fiberglass Fabric is produced by Filament Fiberglass Fabric or Texturized Fiberglass Fabric with Calcium Silicate Emulsion coating. The Calcium Silicate coating makes the fabric high temperature resistance as well as make it have a better abrasion resistant. The continuous temperature up to 700℃, Short burst up to 750℃. Application for smoke and fire curtains, blinds, cavity wall fire barriers, insulation covers, welding blankets and other types of smoke and other types of fire control systems.


1.High temperature resistance

2.Excellent anti abrasion property

3.Easy to be cut, sewn and fabricated


Typical Fabric List:

Code Yarn Type Weave Weight Thickness
      (g/㎡) OZ
SC3732 Filament Yarn Twill 510 15 0.45 1000-1500
SC666 Filament Yarn Twill 720 21.2 0.65 1000-1500
SC3784 Filament Yarn Satin 910 26.8 0.8 1000-1500
SC84215 Texturized Yarn Plain 328 9.6 0.38 1000-1500
SC2025 Texturized Yarn Plain 660 19.4 0.8 1000-1500
SCW24 Texturized Yarn Plain 830 24.5 1 1000-1500
SCW30 Texturized Yarn Plain 1100 32 1.5 1000-1500
SCW60 Texturized Yarn Plain 2050 60.5 3 1000-1500


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