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Aluminium Coated Fiberglass Fabric

Aluminium Coated Fiberglass Fabric


Unitex Aluminium Coated Fiberglass Fabric is produced by Filament Fiberglass Fabric or Texturized Fiberglass Fabric with Aluminium coating. It is processed uniquely advanced compound processing and special fire-resistant adhesive agent laminated with 4 types of foil with difference advantage. 


I)Aluminum foil (AL): available in 10, 18 & 25 micron, withstand to 170°C contact heat, higher resistance after initial exposure, high heat radiation reflection and Flame proof but not good at in anti-friction.

II)AL-PES Foil (AF): It is one-sided lamination of polyester foil vapor-barrier with Aluminium, It has good thermal radiation reflection capability, Good media resistance, gas-tight and Maximum contact heat approx. 180 °C – 200 °C, good flexible, anti-friction, heat reflection but not flame proof. 

III)Aluminum Fire Resistance Foil (AFR): Good in thermal radiation reflection capability, Flame proof and Anti-friction but less flexible than AL-PES Foil and may cause little crinkle.

IV)Aluminum-Pigmented Transfer Foil(APTF): It is excellent in flexible and smooth, abrasion and flex resistance, and good thermal radiation reflection capability. Anti-Friction, Flame Proof and Flexible, suitable for all application.


Aluminium Coated Fiberglass Fabric is widely used in all kinds of high temperature insulation/protection supplication, such as pipe protection, Motor vehicle, construction, chemical, ship building industry, Fire seclusion cover, fire suits.


Typical Fabric List:

Code Yarn Type Weave Weight Thickness
      (g/㎡) OZ
AL7628 Filament Yarn Plain 250 7.5 0.2 1000-1500
AL3732 Filament Yarn Twill 480 14 0.45 1000-1500
AL666 Filament Yarn Twill 700 20.5 0.65 1000-1500
ALFW600 Filament Yarn Checkerboard 650 19 0.6 1000-1500
ALFW800 Filament Yarn Checkerboard 850 25 0.8 1000-1500
AL3784 Filament Yarn Satin 900 26.5 0.8 1000-1500
AL84215 Texturized Yarn Plain 338 10 0.38 1000-1500
AL2025 Texturized Yarn Plain 650 19 0.8 1000-1500
ALW24 Texturized Yarn Plain 830 24.5 1 1000-1500
ALW30 Texturized Yarn Plain 1080 32 1.5 1000-1500
ALW60 Texturized Yarn Plain 2050 60.5 3 1000-1500


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